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Working With BT
Third Party Remote Access to BT Plc Networks and Systems

Where suppliers require remote access to BT’s networks and systems, these interconnections have to be authorised by the BT NAIF process.

What is NAIF?

The Network Authorisation and Interconnect Facility (NAIF) is a procedure to register all UK and Global network interconnects between BT and external companies. An interconnect request is initiated by a BT Project Manager by completing a BT web based form.

When do I need a NAIF?

All connections between other BT networks and other external networks including Joint Ventures and OLOs.

What does NAIF authorise

For each interconnect request submitted the NAIF process will validate the following requirements.

The target system or network has an authorised BT Security Policy Document

  • An interconnect agreement exists between BT and the third party

  • The actual interconnect mechanism meets BT’s security policy

The actual interconnect mechanism meets BT’s technical specification in terms of bandwidth requirements.

Further information is available in the pdf document A Guide to Information Security for Third Parties. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed you can download the Reader from Adobe's website.