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iSupplier – orders and payments

At BT we are continually trying looking at ways to improve our technical interfaces with suppliers.

We have two main purchasing tools, iBuy for the UK and GFP for non-uk, these are Oracle based applications which also support the use of iSupplier. 

Accessed over the internet, iSupplier has transformed the way our contracted suppliers receive orders generated from iBuy - making the experience for our suppliers significantly more interactive and helpful. This is now also being rolled out to non-uk suppliers.

iSupplier is a FREE self-service tool which enables BT's Suppliers to: 

  • receive purchase orders through a robust Internet portal

  • view a new purchase order

  • download / print a PDF version of a purchase order

  • view and print attachments associated with a purchase order

  • search for and track all purchase order details

  • view the change history of a purchase order where changes to the original order occur

  • search for and track shipment receipting details

  • view invoice data, including due day for payment, and payment data

  • export data into an excel spreadsheet enabling analysis

  • transmit invoices electronically (this is applicable to suppliers, in the UK only, who usually submit c.100 invoices per year regardless of value).

iSupplier has already been made available to a large number of BT's contracted suppliers. In addition to being intuitive to use, supplier feedback has confirmed that iSupplier facilitates interactions with BT concerning procure-2-pay transactions, providing greater transparency and real time information.

For those suppliers who have high transactional volumes or are strategic partners there will also be functionality to move to a single electronic ordering and invoicing interface.

If you have arrangements with BT that are bespoke and do not involve formal PO’s then these will continue until those commodities are migrated to the new systems.

Access to the BT iSupplier portal can be requested :

For the UK,the ability to upload invoices is also available and can be requested via .

User guides for iSupplier in general and the invoice creation process can be found here.