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Are you worried about wrong doing at BT? If so, do the right thing and speak up.

Everyone who works in BT, and all third parties doing business with BT or acting on our behalf, should act with integrity, work ethically and live the BT values. If you see or hear about conduct that does not meet the standards in our ethical code, The Way We Work, such as any form of bribery or corruption, non-compliance, criminal or inappropriate behaviour, then Speak Up is here to help.

Speak Up is a secure and confidential means for you to raise issues, or seek advice, where the usual channels may not be appropriate for a given situation. Speak Up is for all BT people globally, and all third parties doing business with BT or acting on our behalf.

We know it takes courage to speak up. We’ll do whatever we can to support and protect you and we won’t permit anyone in BT to retaliate against you for reporting your concerns. If someone in BT tries to deter you from speaking up that’s a disciplinary offence and we’ll deal with it seriously – including dismissal if appropriate – at any level of our organisation.

Speak Up is always available for you to raise a concern, and you can remain anonymous if you chose. You can send a report through the web either in English or your own language.


BT Speak Up