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Working With BT: Purchasing Principles

Our principles provide a framework to ensure that we act in an ethically and commercially responsible way in our business dealings with our global supply market. Adhering to these principles is an integral part of the procurement process in BT.

We will:-

  • create commercial advantage for BT by applying the highest standards of professional competence. Through having insightful supply market knowledge and deploying leading edge procurement practices we will seek world class value for money and minimise risks to BT.

  • harness the capability, diversity and innovation of our supply market to add value to our business.

  • ensure that we adhere to a procurement process which is equitable and which complies with the spirit and letter of all applicable laws and regulations.

  • not make it a trading requirement for a supplier to be a customer of BT. However, we will consider mutual trading relationships but only when :-

    • the award of the business is not made purely on the basis that the supplier becomes a customer of BT

    • both parties are in agreement

    • there is mutual benefit

    • the intention of all the parties is clear

  • work with our suppliers to ensure that the goods and services that we buy are made, delivered and disposed of in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

  • seek to be easy to do business with in order to minimise costs, risks and time.

  • ensure the confidentiality of information entrusted to us, working with suppliers who respect this practice.

  • permit acceptance of hospitality only to an extent that it cannot be perceived as an inducement.