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Supplier Finance / Supply Chain Finance (SCF)


As a World Class Organisation BT & EE needs to be agile and innovative in order to stay one step ahead of its competitors and to meet the future needs of its customers.

You have a vital role to play in helping deliver our strategic priorities. Some of our initiatives can contribute to improvements in cash management that will allow continued and sustained growth both for you and us.

BT was one of the first major corporate businesses in the UK to introduce a Supplier Finance facility in order to use the financial strength of its balance sheet to provide low-cost finance to our suppliers.

In these current economically challenging times we are supporting the Government’s drive for more Supplier Finance liquidity to help fuel the UK recovery by strengthening working capital, especially for smaller businesses.

We are delighted to be able to support this Supplier Finance facility with Lloyds Banking Group which is available to all our suppliers and which provides greater flexibility to manage cashflow through access to early payment of invoices at the click of a button via an easy to use website.

The Supplier Finance facility is web based, simple to use, flexible, transparent and offers many more advantages over conventional financing. I urge you to please read the following pages to find out more about this excellent early payment mechanism and hope that you will sign-up to receive the benefits that we have negotiated.


 Lloyds, password: BritTelSF1 (case sensitive).


Lloyds-EE , password: EverythingSF1 (case sensitive).

The following are some comments we’ve received from existing BT suppliers using supplier finance.

“Lloyds Bank approach was good, their people are very professional and their rates are quite exceptional” “Achieved our objectives – i.e. getting paid quicker by BT. I am very pleased with the programme - it has certainly made an improvement in my cashflow situation”

“It was fantastic from start to take-on – a very smooth and professional operation”

“We have found the SCF process to be reliable and efficient and it has enabled us to have much greater certainty and clarity around our cash receipts and cash forecasting. The SCF on-line access allows good transparency of transactions and helps support good customer account management. The implementation was well supported and the roll-out was smooth and all in all we find the SCF process to be a positive experience”

“The product is easy to explain to non-finance people, the email system works well and costs are very transparent - it has helped greatly for us to improve asset rotation from a year ago” “We have been using the EE/Lloyds SCF process since October 2013 and although being a small business we had some initial reservations around how it would affect us and in particular our cash flow, we were pleasantly surprised by firstly the minimal impact that it has had on our invoice value and secondly the ease with which we were set up on the SCF program by the Lloyds team”

A BT case study has been carried out with Groestar Ltd who have found the facility invaluable, the study can be read here, a key quote states ‘the family-run firm has doubled in size during the past five years after agreeing a supplier finance facility’.