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Working with BT: Better Payment Practice UK

This document presents BT's payment policy and explains to suppliers how to get the best out of BT's Accounts Payable procedures to ensure invoices are processed effectively. In the past suppliers may have encountered process inefficiencies and delays in payments so through this briefing BT is seeking support from our suppliers to help us make our payments process work more effectively for all parties.

As a guiding principle:

  • Suppliers should submit valid (to include the contract number and purchase order numbers) and correct invoices in accordance with agreed contract terms to the specified Accounts Payable Unit.

  • BT will process valid and correct invoices by an agreed number of days (our standard is 60) from the date of receipt by the specified Accounts Payable Unit.

  • BT operates a fortnightly payment cycle. 

  • Do ensure the appropriate Purchase Order and/or contract number (as agreed) are clearly shown on all invoices.

  • Do ensure all invoices are addressed in full to:- 
    BT Accounts Payable
    PO Box 817
    1st Floor Brundrett Place
    1 Brundrett Street
    SK1 9DD

(unless advised otherwise on the purchase order or by a BT buyer)

Please note this address has recently changed and has been communicated to Supplier via e-mail, where available, see communication HERE

  • Do ensure invoices are addressed to the correct legal entity, which should always contain the name 'BT' or 'British Telecommunications'. 

  • Do ensure a full tax invoice additionally includes the following: 

  • An identifying number.[invoice number] 

  • BT's name, address. 

  • The time of the supply. 

  • The date of issue. 

  • The customer's name and address. 

  • The supplier's name and address and VAT Registration number [if applicable]
    The unit price of the goods or services supplied. 

  • A description sufficient to identify the goods or services supplied. 

  • Total charge exclusive of VAT and the rate of VAT. 

  • Any discount including rate of discount; and 

  • Total VAT payable.  

  • Do note that requests for early payments will not be accepted, unless agreed in exceptional circumstances by a BT procurement Vice President. 

  • Do note that invalid or incorrect invoices will be rejected and returned for correction and resubmission. The payment period will commence from the date of receipt by the relevant Accounts Payable Unit of a corrected and valid invoice.

  • Do note that suppliers should not act upon any request from BT, either verbally or in writing, without a properly authorised purchase order, and that any supplier who acts on requests that have not been properly authorised will not be paid for that Work and/or Service. 

BT's payment policy remains as defined in 'The Way We Work', namely to pay promptly and as agreed (see We are committed to ensuring that all our dealings with suppliers - from selection and consultation, to recognition and payment - are conducted in accordance with the principles of fair and ethical trading.

BT is a signatory to the UK Government "Prompt Payment Code".

Any queries regarding specific invoices should be directed to Accounts Payable, on 0800 515465 or if calling from a non UK location dial +44 203 684 1867. You can also e-mail Please ensure you quote the invoice details, including:- Invoice number, Date, Value, Contract and / or Purchase order number [if applicable].

If you would like further information regarding any aspect of procurement in BT please refer to the 'Working with BT' pages on this web site or speak to your usual Procurement contact.