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Working with BT Americas: Better Payment Practice

The following summarizes key elements of the BT Americas payment policy:

  • You should not act on any request from BT, either verbally or in writing, without a properly authorised BT Purchase Order. Suppliers who act on requests that have not been properly authorised are unlikely to be paid for the goods and services.

  • Verify that the BT Purchase Order states your correct contracted legal entity and that your invoice is submitted bearing the same legal entity.

  • The appropriate BT Purchase Order and where applicable the contract number, must be clearly shown on all supplier invoices.

  • Verify that your invoices are addressed to the correct BT legal entity which should contain the name 'BT' or 'British Telecommunications' or 'Infonet'.

  • Submit a separate invoice for each BT Purchase Order.

  • Unless advised otherwise on the Purchase Order Address all supplier invoices to be sent directly to the Accounts Payable Unit. For the USA  this would normally be:-

PO Box 696025
San Antonio, TX. 78269,
United States

  • BT will process valid and correct invoices by an agreed number of days from the date of receipt of the invoice by BT's Accounts Payable Department.  BT's standard payment terms for the purchase of products and services are now 60 days from receipt of the invoice.

  • Invalid or incorrect invoices will be rejected and returned to you for correction and resubmission. The payment period will commence from the date of receipt by BT's Accounts Payable Department of a corrected and valid invoice.

  • Requests for early payment will not be accepted, unless agreed in exceptional circumstances by the appropriate Vice President of BT Procurement.

  • If you have a contract with BT the payment terms in the contract prevail. 

Any queries regarding specific invoices should be directed to our Accounts Payable Unit, Accounts Payable help desk (1 877 272 0832) or email us at ensuring you quote the invoice details, including:- Invoice number, Date, Value, Contract and / or Purchase order number [if applicable].