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Conflict Minerals 

At BT we advocate the importance of sustainability, health and safety and environmental standards throughout our supply chain.


The minerals used to produce tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold - metals which are sometimes found in electrical or electronic devices - are often mined in war-torn or politically unstable areas such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and in some instances fund armed conflict, insurgency and human rights violations. They are known as “conflict minerals”.


We condemn human rights violations. We work hard to ensure that these values are cascaded down our supply chain. We comply with laws and reporting requirements which relate to the use of conflict minerals, which may require us to identify conflict minerals in BT branded or BT manufactured products. This means we may need to ask our suppliers (and they, in turn, their suppliers) about conflict minerals in those products.


BT has a compliance programme in place for managing the traceability of those minerals (as identified as “conflict minerals” within the Dodd-Frank Act). The BT Policy on conflict minerals can be viewed here.